Letter to the Editor

Oct 142002

To the Editor:

I wish to offer a response to some of the issues of concern that were included in Meagan Storey’s letter to the editor – “Bad Spending” (Oct. 14 issue).

* Transit Center relocation. This project was funded through the Federal Transportation Authority, and no tuition dollars or state general fund dollars were used. This is the first phase of the project, and the second phase will include an indoor terminal area between the new transit center and the LSC. In general, the relocation of the transit center has been received very well by the students and Transfort staff, who see significant increases in efficiency by connecting with existing Fort Collins roads and with the Mason Street Multimodal corridor project.

* A steel dome. This is likely the new stainless steel art-in-public places piece that is in the middle of what used to be the intersection of Centre Avenue and Pitkin Street. This project was funded by the State of Colorado as part of the Chemistry/Biosciences Hall project, and through the requirement that one percent of the cost of the facility be dedicated to art-in-public places. The funding for this facility, and the art-in-public places project, comes from state tax dollars appropriated by the state legislature. Student tuition revenue did not fund this project. The transformation of Centre Avenue into a pedestrian corridor has been a priority in our campus masterplan.

* Bronze Sculptures by Library. The university does have a program to bring art to campus, called SCULPTURESCAPE. Four new pieces came to campus this summer, including the one north of the Library entrance. The university does not purchase these pieces, but rather holds a competition every two years to identify artists who would be willing to share their artwork with the campus for a two-year period of time.

* Clark Classroom chair maintenance. If students encounter broken chairs or other maintenance issues, they may report them to any of the following options:

-The building proctor. There are three in Clark, one for each wing. The building proctors are noted in the campus directory.

-Facilities management – call 491-0077.

If the problem persists after it has been reported, feel free to contact Brian Chase (Director of Facilities Management at bchase@users.fm.colostate.edu) or me (gerry@lamar.colostate.edu).

If students have concerns about their classroom experiences, they may contact the faculty member, the Department Chair’s office (of the department offering the course), the Dean’s Office (of the College offering the course), or the Provost’s office.

Thank you,

Gerry Bomotti

Vice President for Administrative Services at CSU

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