Oct 142002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Colorado needs more food.

The Denver Post reported yesterday that all throughout Colorado food banks, there is a shortage of food. The food donated to these food banks go to individuals and families who are extremely poor, and, often times, the food these people get are the only items on the table.

We urge our fellow students here at CSU and every human being reading this to get those extra cans of food and donate them. If you can, maybe even donate a little money to your local food bank or take a shopping trip and donate what you can.

CSU is a generous place and the recent successes of Cans Around the Oval show that. Last Thursday, CSU’s program gathered at least 61,476 pounds of food for area food banks, a new record and 20,000 more than the year before. We are still waiting for the final calculation, which could increase the record-breaking number even higher.

But don’t let the success of Cans Around the Oval lull you into complacency. The need is still great. At the Food Bank for Larimer County, demand spiked 37 percent in August, the highest one-month leap in the agency’s18-year history.

Also other areas don’t benefit from programs like CSU’s and are still in need of donations. Although many universities are considering coordinating something similar to CSU’s Cans Around the Oval, which would be a great idea and something we would love to see.

The holidays are a time for giving and food banks generally receive enough donations to meet basic needs, but there is still a huge need for more donations after the holidays and in the few months prior to the season. These are the times when food banks have the lowest food stockpile.

Finally, the economic times we face are going to make it tough on everybody and many people may not have much disposable income or food to donate, but we ask that everyone be mindful of people who have difficulties getting anything on the table and to donate what they can.

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