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Oct 132002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Marilyn Musgrave has been running local ads saying Stan Matsunaka, her opponent for the this district’s U.S. House of Representatives seat, doesn’t like tax cuts and that he is not the champion for the people’s interest.

We think she is mistaken.

Northern Colorado is becoming a very dynamic region and shedding its stringent rural conservative tendencies due to growth in the region and in universities like CSU and the University of Northern Colorado. The 4th district includes Weld, Larimer and the rest of Colorado’s Eastern Plains region.

More people here are now moderate in their political ideology and we think Stan is the man and Marilyn Musgrave is too conservative for the changing area.

As a state representative for the Loveland district, he has long been a champion for sound agriculture policies health care and rural educational needs. He has also worked to improve transportation and growth in the area and has helped pass an alternative energy policy, which included making more wind farms, solar farms and biomass fuels.

The Denver Post recently endorsed Matsunaka also saying he is moderate and a better representative for the area. The Post also compared Musgrave and Matsunaka.

“Matsunaka’s Republican foe, state Sen. Marilyn Musgrave, can cite a good record in working for lower taxes, especially in reducing the personal property tax on business, another way of helping boost district employment. But she is best known as a militant foe of abortion and gay rights.”

The Post also stated those issues have little to do with what people in the district face in their everyday lives and that Matsunaka’s middle-road inclinations for important issues, like bad roads, overcrowded highways, underfunded schools, are needed for this area.

We agree and urge CSU students and residents to vote for Stan Matsunaka Nov. 5.

Look for future endorsements in Our View as we approach the election Nov. 5.

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