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Authors: Jason Graziadei

Like everything else this season for the Rams, Sonny Lubick’s 100th win of his career didn’t come easy. But the Rams’ hard-fought 44-36 win over Wyoming on Saturday earned the 10th-year head coach a spot among some of college football’s greatest coaches.

Lubick, however, was as humble as ever following the game. Despite the fact he now enters an elite class of only 17 active coaches that have eclipsed the 100-win mark, the coach downplayed the milestone.

“I haven’t thought about that too much,” Lubick said when asked about the achievement. “I didn’t even realize that. I guess it shows that I’m getting old. I’ve been around a long time and you keep coaching for a long time and you’re bound to get some victories. But I’m proud of it.”

Although Lubick spoke modestly about getting to 100, his players were more enthusiastic about being part of the team that got him there.

“It’s a great honor, he’s a great coach and he really deserves it,” defensive lineman Patrick Goodpaster said. “We should have had it last week, but we got it this week. I’m sure he’s really excited and I’m honored to be on the team that did it for him.”

Lubick earned his first win as a head coach for Montana State University in 1978. During his three seasons in Montana, Lubick won 21 games before moving onto several assistant coaching jobs, including a stint as CSU’s offensive coordinator from 1982-84.

He was hired to his second head-coaching job in 1993 when he returned to Fort Collins to coach the Rams.

Since then, Lubick has rattled off eight straight winning seasons and CSU’s 49 wins since 1997 rank No. 11 nationally in total victories.

“I know he feels great. I feel great for him and my teammates feel great for him,” running back Cecil Sapp said. “We all knew that coach wanted his 100th win against Fresno State, but I think it’s better because he got it at home against a great rival team.”

Someone who has been with Lubick for all 100 of his wins is his wife Carol Jo. Just like her husband, Carol Jo says she is proud of Sonny’s accomplishment, but also gives credit to the players and other coaches in the program.

“It’s over the course of 24 years, so I’m very proud of him,” she said. “It’s like a roller coaster ride sometimes: you’re up, you’re down. It’s been a neat ride and it’s a wonderful experience.”

Receiver Chris Pittman, talking after the game about getting Lubick to the 100-win plateau, may have stated it best:

“Oh man, it’s history you know? And no better way to do it than at the Border War.”

-Edited by Jon Ackerman and Josh Hardin

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