Oct 102002
Authors: Jon Ackerman

Homecoming week: too much partying, not enough sleep.

I couldn’t focus on one thing, so here are my thoughts on the weekend.

Homecoming: alumni a plenty. Border War: ‘Pokes a plenty. First Mountain West Conference game: national spotlight will not be on us.

But it is the hot ticket in town. It’s the second sell-out in as many games at Hughes Stadium this year. Reserved seats were gone two weeks ago. General admission was sold out in two days. So everyone will be there, right?

Hardly. I’ve had more people ask me about extra tickets than ask me about bringing extra beer to the tailgate.

So a student can’t go to his own school’s Homecoming game? It’s no wonder students are making their own tickets with copy machines. If you ask me, or anyone who doesn’t have tickets, those grassy knolls are getting in the way.

They’ve brought in extra bleachers before, why not for the Homecoming game? Isn’t the purpose of Homecoming to boost attendance, to see the alumni come home? You think they’d plan for a big crowd.

Honestly, did CSU not think this game would be sold out? Not only is it our Homecoming, it’s Wyoming’s too. Nightlife is sparse in Laramie, so Fort Collins has become a second home for partygoers. They can also watch a game while in town this time.

Plus, this is supposed to be a rivalry. Sure CSU has won the last three meetings, the last four of five and the last seven of nine. And UW hasn’t won a conference game in two years, while the Rams have taken first and second place. But we all know how the Rams like to play to the level of their opponent.

But is it really a rivalry? It has history. It has a trophy. The schools have proximity. But until it’s played in front of 75,000 people like the CU-CSU game, or even before 50,000, it’s not big-time college football.

But Wyoming would actually have to field a Division I football team before this game would spark the interest of more than 30,000 people. Until then, the Rams will worry more about teams in their own state.

But it is a crucial game this weekend, just what CSU needed. Coming off a loss and not having been able to comfortably win a game all year, the Rams host the Cowboys at an opportune time. It would make UW’s season to beat CSU, so how about we throw up 50 on the board and keep the ‘Pokes in the basement.

Losing to UW would ultimately extinguish any thoughts the Rams had of a good season. Yeah they could still go to a bowl game, still have a winning record, still win the league. But CSU losing to UW this year would be like losing to your little sister in boxing – embarrassing.

You gotta feel for Wyoming, though. If they don’t have a rivalry with us, they don’t have a rivalry at all. But then again, we don’t feel for them. They’re like the little brother who would do anything to be just like you, always showing up in the same conference, trying be a part of the in-crowd.

I don’t mean to be that mean, though. Wyoming is good for one thing.

Liquor stores stay open on Sundays.

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