Oct 102002
Authors: Craig Bonnot

The Ramskeller has been on the CSU campus for quite some time, and since it was founded in 1968, the bar has only served 3.2 beer.

At the time the Ramskeller was established, the Colorado State liquor laws stated that anyone over age 18 could purchase 3.2 beers. Only those over 21 could buy and consume regular beer and hard alcohol.

So the Ramskeller was originally designed as a place where students, who might not be old enough to drink beer at other bars, could come, participate in activities, and drink beer, said Geoff Valdez, the manager of the Ramskeller, explaining why a bar is located in the CSU campus. At that time, large crowds of people would hang out at the Ramskeller on weekends. There would be concerts, and it was a way for students to participate in activities on campus, he said.

However, this changed when the law began requiring 3.2 beer to only be sold to those over 21.

“The liquor laws changed, but our laws didn’t,” Valdez said.

Because of this, the popularity of the Ramskeller as a weekend hangout declined, and students began to primarily use it as a place to eat lunch.

Despite this, Valdez said the Ramskeller is still a good place for students to enjoy themselves. They are working to bring more programming to the bar like concerts and other activities.

He went on to say the Ramskeller may become a full bar at some point in the future.

“It might change in the near future here,” he said, “it wouldn’t be as hard to change that as it would be to allow smoking in a state building.”

The Ramskeller is owned by the Lory Student Center, which is unusual when compared to bars on other college campuses that are usually owned by private companies. If a private company were to buy the Ramskeller, they would most likely try to get a full liquor license, Valdez said.

However, Valdez said he does not believe that the popularity of the Ramskeller is really affected by the fact that they serve 3.2 beers.

“I don’t think alcohol impacts it that much because most of the student population can’t drink,” he said.

Many students agreed with this opinion.

“I don’t think many people come here to get drunk,” said Brandy George, a senior majoring in biology, “And I don’t know if there are that many students who want to.”

However, other students disagreed.

“If I ever order a beer from here, it’s usually a pitcher so I can actually enjoy it,” said Tony Diaz, a senior biology major, “I wish they had a full bar though.”

-Edited by Shandra Jordan, Colleen Buhrer and Josh Hardin

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