No jokes in politics

Oct 102002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Bob Adams, Governor Owens’ former campaign treasurer resigned Tuesday because he was caught forwarding an e-mail containing references to Hispanics abusing the welfare system.

The poem was entitled an “American Dummy” and its author is unknown.

Here is a part of the poem:

“We have a hobby – it’s called breeding/ Welfare pay for baby feeding.”

Some leaders in the Hispanic community were outraged by this poem they deemed racist.

Owens’ campaign manager, Sean Tonner, said he was glad Adams stepped down because it could have hurt Owens’ reelection bid. Adams said he stepped down for just that reason: he didn’t want the Democrats to use the e-mail against the Owens camp.

Adams, however, did justify his behavior saying he forwarded the e-mail form his own computer in his own home and that he is working as a volunteer and still a private citizen.

We agree Adams, but too bad the political world doesn’t have room for that excuse.

We don’t think he did anything wrong and we think it’s a shame he still must bow out so his forwarding of ethnically sensitive e-mails is not spun to make Owens appear like a bigot.

All that Adams did wrong was laugh at a joke and pass it on, just as many people do. We doubt he meant to be racist and we doubt he was promoting bigotry. Adams, an African-American, said he and his friends of many different racial groups share these jokes all the time.

All Adams did was be a normal person taking part in something many of us do, poking fun at each other. There seems to be no room for that in politics.

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