Oct 092002
Authors: Chris Ortiz, Jessup Borra

With homecoming this week, we thought it would be a good idea to search out and find some restaurants around town with some Ram Pride.

Sullivan’s Tavern, 820 City Park Ave.

Game specials: Specials whenever the Rams score, they give away Rams mugs and Coors specials.

Menu Items: “The Ram,” is Sullivan’s most popular sandwich. It’s a hamburger with cheddar cheese, bacon and guacamole.

CSU memorabilia: A few banners, neon lights, signed CSU jerseys and a stuffed ram head.

Noteworthy mention: The exuberance of our waitress; she was really about the school spirit.

Comments: The place had the usual CSU gear on the wall along with the typical game specials but the employees seemed to have the most enthusiasm about the Rams. The look may be typical but the spirit makes the place above the average.

Woody’s Woodfired Pizza & Watering Hole, 518 W. Laurel

Game specials: Buy a glass of beer on game day and you can take home a Ram’s pint sized glass and get cheap refills that night.

Menu items: “CSU Nights,” Sundays, $4 for all you can eat.

CSU memorabilia: Tiled CSU Ram above the wood oven, some other pictures and plaques.

Noteworthy mention: A big college student crowd during games.

Comments: Woody’s didn’t have too much Ram pride on the walls but from talking with students, the pride is felt when the place is packed with college students watching pigskin

Pitcher’s Sports Restaurant, 1100 W. Drake Rd.

Game specials: $4 nachos, quesadillas and chicken fingers, and $4.75 bratwursts along with $1 pucker shots and double well drinks for the price of a single.

Menu items: The Ram – a burger topped with bacon, saut/ed mushrooms and onions, $5.50.

CSU memorabilia: Two Ram football fields stretching across the ceiling, CSU blanket on the wall, CSU tabletops.

Noteworthy mention: A 52-inch widescreen high definition television.

Comments: The place seemed to be suited for an older crowd but it definitely had school pride. Pitcher’s is a place for the Ram fan who might not have a 10 a.m. lecture.

SportsCasters Bar & Grill, 165 Boardwalk Dr.

Game specials: $2 domestics plus nightly specials.

Menu Items: none.

CSU memorabilia: Ram umbrellas, street signs, host booth with Ram logo.

Noteworthy mention: One of the few nonsmoking sports bar in town.

Comments: It was exciting to see so much school spirit away from campus. SportsCasters is good for students who need to get away from campus but still want to feel like a Ram. It could use a Ram menu item.

CB & Potts Restaurant, 1415 W. Elizabeth

Game specials: $1.60 for Coors, Coors Light, and their own micro brews during televised CSU games.

Menu item: Sonny’s special – one pounder flame-grilled burger named after Lubick.

CSU memorabilia: huge CSU jersey wearing shark, original goal post from the 1990

Freedom Bowl, numerous signed football jerseys.

Noteworthy mention: The Sonny Lubick radio show is broadcast at Potts Wednesday

nights from 6-7p.m.

Comments: With by far the most memorabilia hanging on the wall and not to mention that Kevin Sheesley (who was a line backer for CSU in 1978 -1981) is now a manager for Potts. CB & Potts easily had the most school spirit out of any of the places we visited.

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