Random Ram

Oct 092002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Can you imagine leaving your hometown, where you have lived for 20 years, and moving across the country? You have no relatives in that area and you do not know a soul.

Anthony Fulford can picture that experience because he has lived it.

Fulford lived in Normal, Ill. his entire life. After he graduated high school, he attended a local college called Heartland Community College. He did not know what he wanted to do with his life so the next two years were spent completing core classes and trying to figure out what his major should be.

He describes Heartland as being “similar to high school.” Not only was it the same setting, but it was also a portion of the same people.

During those two years, it hit Fulford that his calling was in natural resources. After much research over the Internet, he discovered that CSU is one of the largest natural resource schools in the nation. He transferred to CSU and became a sophomore Ram.

Colorado proved to be a wonderful place for Fulford to complete his undergraduate education as a forestry biology major. He filled out a housing application and was linked with a roommate whom he gets along with very well. He has not felt homesick once. Adjusting to Colorado culture has also been a positive experience.

“There are more opportunities here and the people are more open,” said Fulford.

Joining Ski Bums has been one way he has gotten involved with CSU. There are opportunities to ski all winter and he has only gone 3 times in life.

“I hope to go to as many times as possible,” said Fulford. “I am excited to go ski in Jackson Hole for Spring Break.”

The biggest challenge Fulford feels he has yet to face will be living by himself. He does not know where he will live after graduation but he may remain in Colorado.

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