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Oct 092002

I felt it my duty as a fellow American citizen to help out Rachel Cormack’s Oct. 4 letter to the editor. But I think she needs to cite some other examples beyond WWI, Korea, and Vietnam to drive the point home.

She must recall all the aid the Spanish explorers gave to the South American native tribes. Helping them adapt to small pox and race eradication. She must recall the concern that European settlers and later American citizens had for the North American native tribes. Helping them adapt to westward expansion, Christianity and (hey Rachel’s favorite) democracy through mass genocide and imprisonment. Or hey, how about the French, Belgian and British colonialists? Their generosity in Central and West Africa gave the people there a chance to experience the character building institute of slavery, and wholesome torture. How about the Serbs and their help to ethnically cleanse their neighbors? Or our benevolence displayed in the Philippines and Nicaraugua? Hey, as any one checked out how our help in Vietnam has aided the Vietnamese economy and ecology? Because I bet they are far better off now than if we had let the scary communists take over.

One more thing Rachel, let’s follow your logic for a second (no doubt obtained from CSU’s Logic and Critical Thinking course.) We, the American people, are in the right because our citizens have fought and died to give other people the benefits that come from our belief system. So everyone fighting and dying (consequently against us) in the past and present, did they miss that memo?

Misti Roberts


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Oct 092002

To the Editor:

I’m writing this in response to the laughable ad in Wednesday’s paper (Oct. 9) for the GLBTA Jeans Day which read: “Wear blue jeans on Friday, October 11, to show that you are Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, or Straight and Supportive.”

The ad might as well have read: “Wear pants on Friday, October 11, to show that you are Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, or Straight and Supportive.” Look around on any given school day at the other students at CSU and you can easily see that the large majority of those students will be wearing blue jeans. I found it amusing that this organization feels that in order to get people to support them, they need to hoodwink them into doing so. Yes, it’s a good size ad (if toward the back of the paper) and I do hope that most students saw it, if for no other reason than that they won’t be used by the GLBT organization to unknowingly advertise support for them.

But what about those who didn’t see the ad? I almost didn’t. I just picked up a loose paper lying around while waiting for one of my classes to start, and as I leafed through it, I happened to see the ad. What if I hadn’t? Personally, I don’t support the GLBT organization, and I am insulted by the fact that they tried o trick me into looking like I do by my simply wearing blue jeans on Friday. I think this “support trick” is wrong and a downright ridiculous ploy. Next time, perhaps, get creative and make buttons or pass out ribbons or some other show of support that lets all people choose to support – or not support – your organization knowingly.

Hannah Lewis



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