Good idea Amendment 30

Oct 092002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Quite a change from scoring touchdowns and winning MVP trophies as the Denver Broncos star running back, Terrell Davis is now seemingly retired from football and advocating an Amendment, which coincidentally uses the number 30.

Terrell is smart.

Amendment 30 seems to be an obvious good idea for all citizens.

Amendment 30 would allow people to register the same day they vote. Currently, people must register 29 days prior to elections.

Many people aren’t thinking about elections that far ahead and, for people who want to vote, some people sometimes can’t vote because they neglected to register on time. Shouldn’t we still value the vote of the procrastinator?

Plus, for those who usually don’t vote, this extended time would just allows for more persuasive opportunity by people who try to get higher voter turnout.

In recent elections, the country has averaged a laughable 30 percent voter turnout, although it is a bit higher when it comes to presidential elections. Political science has long worked to figure out why the country continually reports such low voter turnout. The discipline found that one reason could be because voter registration is so complicated and it deters people from even making the first steps toward voting.

Amendment 30 would help fix part of that problem in Colorado.

Obvious good idea, right?

Well, some people contend this is a bad idea because they say same day registration promotes fraud, like giving crooked people the chance to vote more than once.

We think this has nothing to do with fraud. We should be focusing on those who commit fraud, not deterring honest citizens from voting.

Also, several other states already have same day registering and, as yet, they have had few problems. If it’s good enough for them, it is probably good enough for Colorado.

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