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Oct 082002

To the Editor:

On behalf of all the girls who would rather wear sweatpants then skirts I would like to express my intense gratitude to Dustyn for her article on Oct. 8.

I, like you, am amazed at some of the outfits these girls wear to school.

Even when I go back to visit my hometown, middle school girls are getting trashier by the day. Some of the things these 11 and 12 years-olds were wearing were disgusting; my parents wouldn’t have even let me leave the house.

These young girls look up to people our age for inspiration. Yes it is true guys will stare and be fascinated by these girls, but as a former model I know first hand you don’t have to dress trashy to get guys and I think that is what these girls are thinking.

Thank you again, maybe we will see some more comfortable clothes on campus from now on, I know you’ll always see clothes like that on me.

Kasey Remley


Animal Science

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Oct 082002

To the Editor:

Dusty Connelley wrote an article on the way that women dress. Frankly, I am sick and tired of the Dustys of the world that can’t get over bringing other people down-especially other women.

Perhaps no one has taken the time to consider that beauty, or that style, or whatever it is that initiates the crude comments, might actually come naturally. And even if it doesn’t, whose business is it to regulate what people should or shouldn’t wear?

It’s true that it’s getting cold outside, but I didn’t know that with lower temperatures there was a dress code minimum. Does that mean when it’s hot, there is a dress code maximum?

Why are people, especially women, always criticizing how other women dress? It’s not like men are constantly evaluated for their appearance; and I’ve seen plenty of men in flip flops and white tees while it’s snowing outside.

Yes, it’s true that your choice of clothing-or lack thereof-can speak greatly about your personality, but does that mean that it’s a woman’s obligation to regulate the way that the entire sex of women dress? For God’s sake, isn’t that what women have been and still are struggling for-the right to decide what they want to be, and how they want to do it? Or is it just me? Maybe I got caught up in the struggle and missed something about a woman’s dress code?

As my childhood friend’s mother used to say, “If she look good, and she feel good, then she gon’ do good.”

Why not just let people feel good?

Millete Birhanemaskel


Technical Journalism

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Oct 082002

To the Editor:

From defenders of Iraq’s the invasion, you constantly hear that Saddam “might” do this or that awful thing, that it’s ‘possible’ that he might have this or that awful program going.

In October President Bush. talked again about how Saddam ‘could’ attack us, not bothering to show that it’s LIKELY he would strike first. (Saddam would have to be crazy to strike us first, with nothing to gain and everything to lose–knowing our preposterous power of retaliation. Saddam is a villain, but he’s not crazy–so a first attack on us is not at all likely!) Bush went on, “We don’t have time to wait for final proof.” Wow!

The mark of minimal sanity is to distinguish “possible” from “probable'” (likely). It’s possible (imaginable) that the Mormons and the Zionists are in cahoots, but only people in a paranoid spell would think that’s probable, that it’s reason to worry– even crazier, that it’s a reason for war!

Rumsfeld actually said twice, about Saddam’s alleged weapons-programs, “ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE IS NOT EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE!”

He thereby admitted they don’t have evidence of these lethal programs. And hilariously, Rumsfeld apparently got that clever slogan from believers in UFOs! They have been using the slogan for years to defend their conviction that space-people are all around us. Is the threat from Saddam on a par with the threat from space-invaders?

To invade because of mere possibilities is not just nutty it’s very wicked. In respectable courts, you must offer proof “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Attacking on the basis of what’s merely possible is the policy of dumb lynch-mobs.

Dan Lyons

Fort Collins Resident

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