Oct 082002
Authors: Laura Kath

Philanthropy is a founding value for sororities and fraternities, said Mark Koepsell, director of Greek Life. It is a way to give back to the community.

“Every sorority and fraternity has its own philanthropy events to raise money and to volunteer their time and energy. An all-Greek example at CSU is raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Cancer Society,” Koepsell said. “We also volunteer to help the elderly for community service.”

The types of events vary between groups, some groups choose to raise money and sponsor another person or group.

Some sororities and fraternities host events, for instance the sorority Delta Delta Delta, which hosted Frats at Bat in September, where fraternities pay an entry fee to play softball and then the entry fees all go to different societies to help with expenses.

The fraternity Delta Sigma Phi will host two or three events this year, including Powder Puff football in the spring. Last year they raised $1000 for the Boys and Girls club.

Another fraternity, Alpha Kappa Lambda, will be working to raise awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence.

“Our national service project is These Hands Don’t Hurt. It encourages men to become active in confronting abuse,” said Jeremy D. Slivinski, associate executive director for Alpha Kappa Lambda. “Through this project we raise money for local shelters and resources.”

AKL has a day where they set out buckets of paint for people to dip their hands in and put it on a sign that states: “these hands won’t hurt.”

-Edited by Colleen Buhrer and Shandra Jordan

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