Oct 082002
Authors: Joelle Milholm

The CSU cycling team raced at the regional championship this weekend in Gunnison and did very well.

Sophomore Nick Ranno finished fifth in short track and sixth in cross-country in the men’s A bracket. The men’s A competitors are very skilled riders as the winner, who ended up being a racer from Fort Lewis, will either be going to Trek/U.S. Postal to be Lance Armstrong’s teammate or to Team Saturn next year.

Senior Kelly Mogab also raced well in her first women’s A cross-country race and ended up seventh. Freshman Greg Smith also had a strong showing as he finished 10th in downhill.

“I expect that by the time he’s a senior, at the latest, he’ll be one of the best riders in the conference,” club president Sam Ceridon said.

While they had a number of top finishers, the best part of the race might have been the outstanding teamwork and good sportsmanship towards the other team. There were several occasions when the CSU cyclists put aside their own desire to win to either see another teammate do better or to help out a fellow competitor in need.

During Mogab’s race, she stopped riding to give her spare tube to a racer from another school and then finished the race. In another race, a Wyoming rider had a severe crash that looked to involve broken bones and maybe a spinal injury. CSU rider Jenny Ladd saw her and stopped racing to stay with her until more help arrived. She then got on her bike and completed the race.

The participants of the race were shocked by CSU’s amazing consideration.

“The Ft. Lewis coach wanted to know what we were teaching our racers. Who knows?” Ceridon said. “Somebody must have spiked the Wheaties at the Ramada Inn breakfast.”

An admirable example of what it means to be a teammate occurred in the men’s C Omnium race between CSU’s James Voorhies and Alex Reynolds. Reynolds, who was currently in third place, had blown his tire and never thought he would be able to finish the race. Then Voorhies rode by and took his own rear tire off to give to Reynolds to finish the last half of the 10-mile race.

With his teammate’s tire, he sped toward the finish line and once he got there he immediately grabbed a spare tube and headed back up the trail to give it to Voorhies. Reynolds did not have to bike as far as he thought because in the meantime, Voorhies had picked up his bike and was carrying it as he jogged toward the finish.

The Rams have had a very successful season, and as the National Collegiate Cycling Association National Championships draw closer, they are very excited about how CSU will be represented. Four cross-country men and four downhill men and two women will travel to Angelfire, N.M., to test their skills from Oct. 18-20.

CSU fans can support the team by tuning into the race when it appears nationally on Fox.

-Edited by Jon Ackerman and Josh Hardin

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