Oct 082002
Authors: Laura Kath

A fraternity that has not been at CSU since the 70s is on its way back.

Todd Everson, a sophomore in mechanical engineering, was given the chance to bring Alpha Kappa Lambda back to CSU and he decided to take it.

Alpha Kappa Lambda was first started at CSU in 1964 and ended up falling apart in the 1970s, as was the case with many fraternities in that time period.

“AKL is currently seeing growth in which we credit our Alcohol-Free housing and our Men of Character initiative,” said Jeremy D. Silvinski, assistant executive director of AKL. “Alpha Kappa Lambda has five ideals: Judeo-Christian principles, leadership, loyalty and self-support. We believe members should strive towards these ideals in their daily actions.”

The chapter at CSU started off with having five people pledge last year, but this year four more people have pledged, bringing the numbers up to nine. Currently there are three to four more people expressing a lot of interest in the fraternity, which could meant that AKL could become a colony, Everson said.

A colony is the mid-point of getting a charter, where there has to be over 50 members. A colony is where the people involved are recognized as being a part of a fraternity, but they do not have all the privileges of being a chapter. For example, colonies cannot always vote.

“I went to the University of Northern Colorado for two years, where there was a big deal chapter and when I came here in 2001, I thought about starting one here. Now there are nine members in AKL at CSU,” said Simon Hildendrand, a senior in marketing. “In the next two weeks, hopefully there will be enough to start a colony, where there are at least 15 members.”

AKL has many beliefs it wants to uphold. It pushes a lot of volunteering and wants a high academic standard for the people in the fraternity, Everson said.

“AKL is focused on personal growth, friends for life and brotherhood,” Everson said.

-Edited by Shandra Jordan, Colleen Buhrer and Ben Koerselman

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