Oct 072002
Authors: Dustyn Connelley

Was there a specific memo stating that Ed McMahon would be giving an appropriate amount of stars to the girl who dresses with the least class? I mean really do you honestly think that stilett- hoes, snakeskin boots, sparkling booty pants, see through mid-drifts, provocative tanks and chartreuse mini-skirts are appropriate for an academic environment? And if we think they are, then why were only some people mistakenly informed of this competition?

Here’s the deal, It’s now October which means it’s getting cold out and that means that more clothes would be the logical answer to staying warm and not getting sick. More clothes would imply that your mother taught you something about how to present yourself. More clothes would also be the logical answer to not tramping across campus in inappropriate clothing, clothing that may be appropriate for clubs and bars on a Friday or Saturday night, but definitely not your 8 a.m. chemistry class.

Okay so let’s say that the outfit is indeed cute, maybe Christina Aguilera sported it in her latest video (note: the title of that video is “dirty”… hmmm that says a lot,) and maybe you’ve been doing your tummy tucks and are finally getting that well-deserved six pack, but you can’t honestly tell me that you’re comfortable and you can’t honestly tell me that by dressing like this, you are in turn given respect.

You can’t tell me that you’re comfortable when you’re awkwardly trying to walk across campus and you look like you’re on stilts wearing shoes that look two sizes too small. And you certainly cannot be comfortable when it is a huge dilemma on how exactly to keep all of your junk in the appropriate places, especially sitting in the cold, plastic, yellow seats in the Clark building.

And when it comes to respect, we all know guys are more than willing to see as much skin as possible, that’s how they’re programmed, they’re guys. But, we as females shouldn’t be so easy and willing to let those we are trying to attract know everything about our bodies just by first glance.

We should be demanding the R-E-S-P-E-C-T that we all deserve. Shouldn’t we leave a little to the imagination and shouldn’t there be something exciting and unknown underneath the wrapping paper when you get a present instead of already knowing?

Now I am not saying that some girls can’t pull the right-off-the-Paris-runway look, there are plenty of beautiful girls on this campus, and there are plenty of girls who flat-out just aren’t interested in getting up two hours early to apply makeup, squeeze into clothing and make their hair look like it’s their high school prom.

I fully believe that however a female chooses to dress and present herself is her own prerogative. I just think that society has gotten out of hand in what it offers for clothing and what it demands of young females, and I think it is tragic when girls buy into this. I’d like to meet the idiot that sent out the brilliant memo stating that we needed to dress like sluts to get noticed.

We are indeed material girls in a material world, but if you’re not aiming your personal style with some ounce of self-respect, then I think it was best put by a flamboyant salesman in the Express dressing room, “Someone told her she looked good, and they lied.”

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