Oct 072002
Authors: Monique Lewis

If you ever felt like you were being watched on campus, you might be right.

CSU has cameras situated on and off campus. There are a total of 14 cameras recording students’ every move.

Cameras are located underneath the tunnel at College Avenue by the old Fort Collins High School, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, the Federal Research Facilities, the Administration building, and the water bowl on the south side of the Engineering building. Some of the cameras have been there for only a few years and others for much longer. The CSU Police Department also records the football games at Hughes Stadium for safety reasons.

“Cameras are placed in areas we consider to be high-risk places with high crime rates,” said Captain Bob Chaffee. “We’ve had a couple of situations where they helped out.”

James Winkler, a freshman art major, feels that he should have been told about the cameras. “I kind of feel a little disturbed,” said Winkler. “I would’ve liked a notice that I’m going to be recorded. I’d like to know for privacy.”

But employees in the dispatch center in Green Hall where the cameras feed back are too busy to watch the cameras.

“Nobody’s watching them, but if we get a report of a crime in that area, we will check it out,” Chaffee said.

Three years ago, someone called and asked why a camera was recording students on top of the roof of the Clark building.

“It’s used primarily for (CSU’s) Web page information or for people interested in CSU to see what the campus looks like,” Chaffee said.

Additionally, students may have noticed the camera located above the library entrance. There are a total of seven cameras in the library area – five inside and two outside.

“We don’t monitor them,” said Jim Farmer, safety and security coordinator. “We’ve had an occasion to help police identify somebody. In one case a person stole a laptop. Around that time we (had just) purchased 40 laptops. Very rarely are they (the cameras) used for evidence.”

No additional cameras are likely to be added anytime soon – for now, Chaffee said there is not enough funding to install more.

Farmer also explained that the reason for adding a camera is not to spy on students but for safety and security issues.

“If it’s for our protection, then that’s good,” said Katie Whittenberg, a sophomore and education major.

-Edited by Shandra Jordan and Becky Waddingham

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