Oct 072002
Authors: Joelle Milholm

The CSU rugby team put up a great fight against the Air Force Academy on Sunday, but was unable to come out with a victory.

The Falcons, who are currently ranked No. 6 in the nation, scored 22 points while the Rams only managed to put six points on the board. The score was only 10-6 going into the last few minutes of the game and a two unlucky runs resulted in tries that the Rams could not overcome.

CSU’s ability to keep the game close and match the cadets’ physical play is very commendable.

CSU lost last weekend to Wyoming, who is also one of the best teams in the nation. The losses dropped CSU to 2-3, but with a big game this weekend in Boulder against the Buffaloes, they hope to be .500.

“We have been improving week to week, so we will just build on that,” president Kyle Fenton said. “There is no doubt in my mind that we won’t beat CU.”

CSU will take the field against the Buffs on Sunday in Boulder.

Baseball team comes out even against CU

In two games against Colorado on Sunday, the CSU baseball team won the first game and lost the second. The first game was very close but the Rams arose victorious with a score of 3-2. The win was bittersweet as the Rams lost starting pitcher Jay Bond when he pulled his ACL trying to ground a bunt.

There was more offense in the second game, but in the end the Buffs’ bats were hotter and they beat CSU 8-6.

The Rams are happy to get a victory but think they could have done better.

“Our bats were a little more dead. Overall, we should have been more pumped up for the CSU-CU rivalry,” junior Barry Cleveland said.

One big highlight of the day came in the seventh inning of the second game when junior first baseman Drew Trainor hit a monstrous two-run homer. With the use of wooden bats this year, homeruns are rare.

“It is a lot harder to hit a homerun with wooden bats and Drew really crushed that ball. It was a big homerun,” Cleveland said.

CSU is in the process of scheduling more games for the fall season and will play as long as weather permits.

Fun night with hockey alumni

EPIC was full of alumni and current hockey players on Saturday night for the annual alumni game. The current CSU team won 9-7 in a very enjoyable game that brought together some old teammates.

“There were a ton of alumni, way more than I expected,” senior Shawn Kallet said. “It was a lot of fun.”

The Rams are now focusing on this weekend when they will play two of the most important games this season. They will play conference rivals Weber on Friday night and Utah State on Saturday night. Only the top three teams from the West Conference will travel to California for the Division II nationals and CSU needs to win these games to hold their spot.

“We hope to do really well. We have to rank ahead of them to go to nationals,” Kallet said.

Weber is currently ranked No. 1 in the division and will be a very tough opponent because it has already beaten Utah and Utah State. CSU has scheduled 10 Division I games this year to help prepare them for teams like Weber and others that it will see at nationals.

The Rams already split a series with Iowa State and have multiple games with teams like Arizona and Arizona State before nationals.

-Edited by Jon Ackerman and Josh Hardin

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