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Oct 032002

To the Editor:

It is only a matter of time before Fort Collins and Larimer County double in population again. We can easily imagine much of the vacant land in the county covered in low-density sprawl covering the foothills and plains. Fortunately we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to save our scenic vistas and open spaces. By extending the current Fort Collins Open Space tax extension we can insure the future of our unique and irreplaceable western landscape.

The current funding made a major impact and allowed us to set aside superb urban escape recreational areas such as the recently expanded Pine Ridge Open Space, 1,000 acre Coyote Ridge (that will link with other foothill trails), 1,000 acre Cathy Fromme Prairie, two that protect access to the Poudre River, 1,300 acres at Fossil Creek Reservoir and 1,600 acres to set aside open space between Fort Collins and Loveland.

Why should we extend the open space tax? What is left of the money is now being set-aside for operations and maintenance. More funds are needed to actually buy more land from willing sellers. Land prices have already significantly increased and will eventually become unaffordable.

Now is the time to make the investments that will provide us with areas that we can use for walking, hiking, biking, viewing wildlife and fishing. The funds made it possible for us to partner with Great Outdoors Colorado and Larimer County and make a greater impact.

Continuing the funding will mean we can continue to work cooperatively to set aside the scenic vistas that surround us. Without this funding much of the county will develop into large lot subdivisions, closing off public access forever and scaring the landscape.

Groceries and prescription drugs are not taxed and low-income people are eligible for tax rebates. It is not a new tax or tax increase, and will continue the Building Community Choices Tax of one penny on $4.

Please vote yes!

Alan Apt

Fort Collins resident

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Oct 032002

To The Editor:

This is in response to Maria Sanchez-Traynor’s Sept. 30 article.

I strongly disagree that America should not be involved in other countries’ conflicts. What kind of a nation would we be if we just turned a deaf ear to other countries’ crises? Ms. Sanchez-Traynor should talk to someone who fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam or the Persian Gulf and ask them if they think they fought in vain or if their comrades died in vain or, if maybe, they fought and died defending freedom and democracy for everyone around the globe – not just Americans.

What kind of world would we live in if everyone just worried about his or her own problems and no one helped anyone? The greatest thing about America is our willingness to not only help ourselves achieve, but all those around the world less fortunate as well, so that they might enjoy liberty and democracy just as freely as we do.

Ms. Sanchez-Traynor should remind her friends in Spain that many people around the world would be much worse off if it weren’t for Americans willing to risk our necks for their freedom.

Rachel Cormack


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Oct 032002

To the editor:

In your recent coverage of Playboy’s “Party School Rankings” you alerted the student body to the fact that certain offensive comments toward women were made.

We were shocked and dismayed that a publication such as Playboy would contain matter that was offensive or degrading to women.

We were also shocked to learn that some issues of Playboy contain photos of women in various states of undress.

We applaud the Collegian for its crack investigative techniques. You have outdone yourselves once again.

You should further this expose. Perhaps a story about why men would purchase such filth. Or maybe you could run a story about why college students drink beer.


Henry Dougan, Senior, Finance

Timothy Schroeder, Senior, Public Relations

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