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Authors: Chris Ortiz

If you are still willing to watch Monday Night Football after watching the Broncos play last Monday, Tailgate Tommy’s is a place football fans can feel right at home.

For the superfan in all of us, all the tables in Tommy’s, center around the action on the 54-inch television. But at Tommy’s, fans can actually enjoy great food during a game. Tommy’s brag that they have the “best burgers anywhere.” Though that might be argued, you can’t argue the size of the burgers, which come weighing in at a whopping 9-ounces.

Fans can choose from a Rattlesnake, served with jalapenos and salsa, The Big Chil-I, a burger covered with fresh homemade chili, or one of many burgers at Tommy’s with a clever name (except for the No Cool Name – a cheddar cheese burger). Prices range from $8 – $10. Other highlights on the menu include Whatta Turkey sandwich, Big Nachos covered with chicken, beef or veggies and the Veggie Delight for vegetarians.

You’ll find a lot of different burgers on the menu but that is about it. The menu doesn’t stray away from the meat and bun platter.

You’ll find the typical beers on tap; Coors light, Budweiser, 90 Shilling, Easy Street Wheat and Fat Tire.

During any Colorado team game (yes, including the Buffs,) Tommy’s offers $1 domestics. Other specials include:

* Sunday, 25 cent buffalo wings.

* For Monday Night Football viewers, $5 will get you a pitcher of New Belgium’s.

* Tuesdays from 9-1 p.m., Tommy’s has flip night, where you flip a coin for your drink – if you win the call you get your drink for a quarter.

* Wednesday nights from 10-1 p.m., Coors light are only 50 cents.

* Thursday nights, beer and burger combo for $7.

* Friday and Saturday, you-call-it for $2.

Between the food, the game and the drinks, fans can play pool, darts, air hockey or pinball during halftime. If you are willing to risk the weather, Tommy’s offers the only rooftop bar in town. Tommy’s is also one of the few places that is completely smoke-free inside.

October is also playoff season for baseball and along with specials; Tommy’s will have the games on either the big screen or the four other televisions.

If you are into watching a great game and enjoy a great meal as well, sports fans might enjoy the experience at Tailgate Tommy’s.

Tailgate Tommy’s

145 E. Mountain Ave.


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