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Oct 022002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Eli Torres is proud to be the custodial supervisor for a student center that was ranked #6 in the nation for building cleanliness.

He has worked in the Lory Student Center for 13 years. For four years, Torres worked the graveyard shift and has now worked his way up to interviewing potential employees, ordering products and supplies, helping with miscellaneous jobs, being in charge of daily cleaning and maintenance, and handling phone calls from the public.

Torres finds his jobs rewarding for multiple reasons. He enjoys the atmosphere and environment because it is nothing like a factory setting.

“It is not a boring job. There are always activities going on,” said Torres. “I like it a lot. I have a wonderful boss.”

He frequently intermingles with students and staff because he appreciates the diversity. He finds it intriguing to learn about various cultures. The custodial staff has had employees from Korea, China, Malaysia, Algeria and Mexico.

Torres makes a point to be here for students. He accommodates individuals who need a certain number of hours of work and is flexible with their personal availability.

He was born in Greeley and has since lived in Longmont and Boulder. He is now happily settled in Fort Collins.

Torres recently returned from his wedding in Guatemala with his wife Suzanna Blanca-Torres. Torres displays enthusiasm and a great nature towards his job, CSU and his surroundings.

Random Ram is an attempt to uncover the stories behind CSU students, faculty and staff. This Random Ram uncovered by Collegian reporter, Jodi Friedman.

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