Nina’s voice is the story

Oct 022002
Authors: Rebecca Lapole

Nina Storey blew away a small crowd and the Sunset Event Center’s sound system Friday night.

The petite 29-year-old redhead looks like she is incapable of rocking a venue the size of the Sunset, but check out her past experiences. She sang at Woodstock ’99, the Lilith Fair, Red Rocks, and in front of an audience of 250,000 during the Super Bowl Celebration. This little lady’s voice can definitely shake the rafters.

At the Sunset, Nina either sat behind her keyboard or danced around the stage, singing with intensity and soul. Her songwriting is real, intelligent and heart-felt. Her songs projected throughout the spacious Sunset powerfully. Her funky, jazz-bluesy rock feel mixes with her well-trained, Sarah McLaughlin-esque voice beautifully.

She sang a cappella for the song “No Man,” which touched a chord in every woman’s heart present. Just the way she warmed up for the song caused goose bumps to form. Although Nina doesn’t speak French fluently, her flowing vocals on “24 Heures a Montreal” are fantastic in French.

Nina was born in Los Angeles, but now lives in Boulder and loves performing and visiting Crested Butte, Colo., where she grew up. Her mom, Jan, is her manager and comes with her on tour. Her dad runs her soundboard. They travel with her and make sure everything goes right.

Nina started her West Coast tour by visiting 99.9 Planet radio and chatting on the morning show with Paul Wozniak, a self-proclaimed “huge fan. She’s amazing, she’ll definitely make it big,” Paul mentioned.

Her show at the Sunset Friday night began her performances with a bang. On Saturday, she headed to the Downtown 2002 Colorado Performing Arts Festival and on Sunday to Impulse Unplugged downtown with Wendy Woo and Matthew Moon. Next up for Nina’s Colorado tour is a performance in Crested Butte, which will be at 6 and 8 p.m. at Le Bosquet this Friday. Saturday night she will be in Grand Junction at The Mesa Theatre before going to California the 17th through the 26th.

Nina is a sweet, funny girl who doesn’t act like she can sing better than some multi-millionaires gracing every popular radio stations airwaves.

“I’m a serious musician, but I think it’s important to not take everything so seriously,” Nina said. “There are so many tragic things happening in the world that you have to be able to embrace the little quirky, crazy things in order to be okay.”

A standing ovation lead to an encore, which consisted of the song “Hero,” a Denver Broncos-inspired song that Nina sang at a Broncos game. Nina didn’t stay too long after the concert because she had to drive back to Boulder, but she stayed long enough to sign autographs and talk to every lingering fan until the venue was virtually empty.

She has a good heart and doesn’t have an ounce of cockiness. She is true to herself, funny, confident and gorgeous. Nina wanted everyone to know, “I’m a goofy nerd and I am totally square. What’s interesting about trying to be cool? Please, the nerdy goofs are the ones that end up being cool in the end anyway, right?”

If you missed this show, go see her in Crested Butte, Grand Junction, or California! She has four albums out now also: “Guilt and Honey,” “Bootleg,” “Shades” and the 2001 self-titled release. Although the CDs do not do her booming voice justice, the sound and style is still present and they will make you really want to see her live! She will not let you down.

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