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Authors: Helyna Bledsoe

In less than a week, Lindsey Drennan, a sophomore international studies major, plans to begin her professional tour in Europe with Holiday on Ice.

Drennan started skating 11 years ago and spent over 15 hours a week on the ice preparing for her competitions. Last year, Drennan placed fourth in the regional competition and 11th at the sectional competition.

Practices, traveling, competing and college dominated Drennan’s life during her freshman year of college. Drennan wasn’t willing to give up her skating career all together, but the pressures of competing and being a CSU honor student were overwhelming. Still, Drennan wanted to skate. Last semester she sent in an audition tape to Disney on Ice and Holiday on Ice.

Drennan wasn’t counting on being accepted to tour with either show as she registered for her fall semester classes and prepared for her sophomore year at CSU. As the end of summer approached, Drennan received a phone call giving her a spot with the European tour group, Holiday on Ice. A week later, Disney on Ice called to announce that she had been accepted into their United States traveling tour as well. By that time, however, Drennan had already decided to join Holiday on Ice.

“I’m happy to be with (Holiday on Ice) because I actually get to skate in their show (In Concert). There is no guarantee but I will probably get to skate more,” Drennan said. “The best part is that I get to see Europe and show-skate. The tour is a subculture in itself. It will be a new lifestyle and adventure.”

Drennan will start her practice for the In Concert show on Oct. 10 in Amsterdam, where she will try out for solo spots in the show and begin learning her routines.

In Concert features orchestra music with guest performers and many European skating stars, including a German former Junior Champion. Drennan is the only skater from the United States performing in In Concert.

“In Concert is not a Christmas program. In Concert has fun music,” Drennan said. “I’ll be a member of the chorus line and we will do five to six numbers in each (performance).”

The website www.holidayonice.com details the In Concert show. A wide variety of musical styles, including African, Afro-Cuban, Blues, Classical, Flamenco, Folk, Jazz and Rap will be played by musicians while the skaters perform routines to them.

Drennan will travel through the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, seeing 20 eastern European towns over seven months.

“Try packing seven months worth of clothes in a small suitcase and a carry-on,” Drennan said.

During those seven months, Drennan won’t be able to come back to Fort Collins but her family hopes to visit her in January.

“I’ll miss my family and friends,” Drennan said. “I’ll also miss having a home. I’ll be moving from hotel to hotel and that will be kind of hard.”

Until she leaves, Drennan can be found coaching other skaters at the EPIC rink or practicing her skating for her upcoming tour.

Edited by Shandra Jordan, Colleen Buhrer and Becky Waddingham

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