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Authors: Kyle Endres

The Residence Hall Association made a change to its constitution and added its support of Fort Collins water conservation efforts in its second meeting of the semester on Monday night.

RHA is a group of resident assistants who are elected to represent their residence halls in decisions and actions affecting residence hall life. According to its mission statement, RHA will ” serve as a resource for the CSU residence hall community through educational and social programs, co-programming and leadership opportunities.”

“We provide a voice for the students,” said RHA President Luke O’Dell.

Monday’s meeting, which was the year’s first one in the Lory Student Center Senate Chambers, included speeches from several outside individuals in addition to a discussion and vote on a new bill and resolution.

The bill was a plan to change the wording of the organization’s constitution so that the Campus Affairs Coordinator would co-chair the Campus Connections Committee with the director of public relations.

“(The bill) is something that I think will work a lot better,” said James Iacino, the campus affairs coordinator of RHA, of the bill that passed by a vote of 25-0. “It works better with my job description because it creates better efficiency.”

The resolution was a plan to add RHA’s support to Fort Collins’ water conservation endeavors. It also added support to an Associated Students of CSU bill of the same nature. The resolution passed unanimously.

“It is the responsibility and it is necessary to have everyone’s support in order to make sure that, quite literally, we have enough water,” said Jennifer Courtemanche, treasurer for the Natural Resources College Council and author of the resolution.

Speakers at the meeting included Dave McKelfresh, director of Residence Life, ASCSU President David Bower and Natural Resources College Council members Courtemanche and Matt Dunfee. The speakers introduced themselves to RHA and discussed their group’s purpose and the benefits of RHA.

“RHA is very important to part of about 5,000 students’ experience,” Bower said. “I’d like to congratulate all of you for making this effort to be a part of this and to help out in any way you can.”

Dunfee and Courtemanche asked RHA to help them regain a floor in Edwards Hall strictly for Natural Resources students. This floor would help students learn more about Natural Resources professions, Dunfee said.

RHA meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to bring up issues to the board.

“I think students often get lost in the bureaucracy of being at the university,” O’Dell said. “The RHA and the hall governments humanize the campus and make it a lot more accessible.”

-Edited by Colleen Buhrer and Ben Koerselman

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