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Oct 012002

To the editor:

I am writing in response to Brian Johnson’s letter to the editor printed on Monday.

The graphic display in the campus plaza is what it “had to come to?” So does this mean that this was Justice For All’s last resort in ways to fight abortion?

Then I think they need to look for some more creative people to be on their staff.

Rather than display the grotesque pictures that make a lot of students uncomfortable, why don’t they hold informational round-table discussions, for the people who ARE interested in what they have to say.

In my opinion, CSU is a very open-minded and tolerant environment but there is a limit to what can be thrown in our faces day after day and be absorbed. Students are here to learn and study their specific course topics in a comfortably social environment. Maybe the reason JFA feels they aren’t being heard is because they are in a location where the minds of their intended audience are filled with what is taking place daily in class, and there are also more immediate issues demanding our concerns right now.

Personally, I don’t come to campus everyday to listen to people tell me what decisions to make in order to live a life that is morally right in their opinion. We, as students, are learning everyday through our experiences and we are constantly thinking about what is right and wrong, most of us just don’t feel the need to preach our beliefs to others who we know are free to make their own decisions. I believe that we do try to educate ourselves on issues like abortion, its just done on our own time and by different means that aren’t as appalling as the display set up by JFA.

So by choosing to walk by and ignore the display, we aren’t choosing to be ignorant on the subject, we just prefer not to have those images in our minds as we attend our next class. And we prefer to educate ourselves with the other sources that don’t exploit the victims seen in the display.

Erin J. Brunner


International Studies

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