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Authors: Kyle Endres

The recently formed Disc Golf Club of CSU met Tuesday on the Lory Student Center West Lawn for their weekly meeting.

The club is an opportunity for disc golf enthusiasts to get together and learn from each other, said Anthony Rock, president of the club.

“It’s a chance to bring fellow disc golfers together to meet one another and help each other get better,” Rock said.

Rock started the club at the beginning of the semester with about seven members. It has grown through the semester to now include about 30 members, he said.

“I knew that there were a lot of disc golfers at CSU,” Rock said. “I always thought it was fun to get together with people who have the same interests.”

About 22 club members and other observers got an opportunity yesterday to receive pointers from 14-time Colorado disc golf state champion John Schiller.

Schiller explained proper techniques of handgrip, arm direction, footwork, approach and putting for disc golf. He also demonstrated different styles of disc golf throwing and gave individual input on audience member’s throwing techniques.

“(Disc golf) is one of the few things you can do by yourself, by practicing,” said Schiller, the champion of the 1992 U.S. Open for disc golf. ” Golf is a game of accuracy and consistency.”

Audience members found the presentation helpful and most stayed until the end, despite the cold.

“I though it was great that he came out to give pointers and help,” said Jennifer Coudron, a CSU alum. “It was really helpful because I’ve never had help and it was good to learn what I was doing wrong.”

Jayar Rivest, a freshmen open option major, sees several benefits to being a part of the Disc Golf Club.

“I’ve met a plethora of people that have similar interests,” Rivest said. “Also, your skill will get better because you meet people with different techniques that you can pick up on.”

-Edited by Colleen Buhrer and Becky Waddingham

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