Letter to the Editor

Sep 302002

Regarding Andrew Stewart’s Letter in the September 26, 2002 Collegian edition.

Dear Andrew, you are frightening. As I read your letter all I can picture is you with a Mugs coffee house growing off of your butt. Why else, lest you have some vested interest in its success, would you have attacked with such vehemence other local coffee shops? You accuse the Collegian of “printing a narrow-scope story,” but could this be any more hypocritical?

You shake your finger at the collegian for both not covering more than three shops, and being so narrow minded when you yourself seem strangely absorbed with a single caf/. Did you mention any of these other local shops in your letter? No not a one. And besides, you call their selection “ridiculous?” Would it have been less so if the newest shop on block had made the cut?

You speak of Mugs’ owner and his tireless work as though all the other owner’s shops just fell into their laps. Finally you said, “for one, there are many coffee shops in this town and I feel it was unfair to pick out three.” What? Should the Collegian have dedicated a ten-page layout to an intricate discussion of every shop in town? And hey, why stop there? The Collegian could dedicate the rest of the school year to covering the coffee industry across America.

Your attacks are unfounded, laughingly insecure, and even insulting with your unbelievable indignation. Next time you have an agenda why not come out and admit it, at least then you don’t hurt your cause.

Sterling R. Quinton



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