Sep 302002
Authors: Linda Lechler

Campus may feel a little more crowded this year with an increase in enrolled freshmen.

CSU has seen an increase of enrolled freshmen from 3,720 in fall of 2001 to 3,829 in fall of 2002, said Larry Belasco, coordinator for research and evaluation at CSU.

The majority of freshmen in 2001 and 2002 came from Colorado. In 2001, there were 2,806 freshmen and in 2002, there was an increase to 2,907.

This increase was not expected by CSU.

“We were expecting the increase to be 1.9 percent for Colorado high school graduates, and we had a 3.6 percent increase,” Belasco said.

The number of freshmen from other states is nowhere near the size of those from Colorado. Texas freshmen are the second biggest contributor to the CSU freshman class. In 2001, there were 111 freshmen from Texas; in 2002 there are 104.

The other top states for contribution to the 2002 freshman population are California, Illinois and New Mexico.

There are 70 California freshmen this year, compared to 78 last year. Sixty-nine Illinois freshmen are at CSU this year, while last year there were 70. From New Mexico, in 2001 and 2002 there are 48 freshmen.

Although on paper, this increase may not seem significant, some students at CSU have noticed a difference.

“When I’m walking around campus and going to my classes, I’ve noticed a lot more traffic than last year,” said Mikeli Bradshaw, a sophomore majoring in pre-technical journalism.

-Edited Colleen Buhrer, Shandra Jordan and Ben Koerselman

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