Letter to the Editor

Sep 292002

Truth is the Reason

To the Editor:

“I hate abortion like I hate war, but both are necessary sometimes…” When is it necessary to kill an unborn child? When it becomes too much work? When it is unwanted? There is no excuse for abortion, and you either approve of it or you hate it. There is no in between.

As for Justice For All, this is what it has had to come to. Pro-lifers weren’t being heard, so Justice For All decided to step it up a notch. When people with a purpose and passion for a cause are not heard, they need to be; this is their way of doing it: showing the truth.

And what, I ask, is so wrong with the truth? Plenty, if it is abortion. JFA shows people the side of abortion that goes usually goes unseen. It is a horrible side, but it is still the truth.

Can you handle it, or will you just walk by and remain neutral? We are on a college campus, and every year I see people getting mad at someone showing the horrible truth about abortion.

So if you walk by and choose to ignore it or simply brush it off, isn’t that voluntary ignorance? As for Mr. Adams, need to hear sound reasoning from JFA, isn’t the truth sound reasoning?

Why not go up and talk to the people of JFA instead of just writing an article about your disgust? I think you’ll be radically surprised.

Brian S. Johanson



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