Sep 262002
Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

Despite not making the Princeton Review list of the nation’s top party schools, CSU might have something to party about. CSU was ranked No. 15 in Playboy Magazine’s Top 25 Party Schools in its November issue.

In the magazine’s first listing of party schools since 1987, Arizona State received honors at the top party school in the country.

Under CSU’s listing, the magazine quotes several CSU students, including the following:

“We will absolutely blow away any parties that CU will ever throw. And the girls? I have never seen so many Barbies in my life.” – Troy.

” It goes against the foundations and values of Greek Life,” said Mark Koepsell, associate director of Greek Life, regarding this and other comments published in Playboy about fraternities and women. “The majority of Greeks believe in those values…but it’s the action of few that get highlighted.”

Despite the remark about CU, CSU’s counterpart was ranked 6th in the magazine.

Zydeco’s bar was mentioned in the men’s magazine as where to watch the girls “shake it,” and Suite 152 was deemed the neighborhood “hang.”

Students on campus gave their reactions about the ranking and the comments made in the magazine.

Alison Jones, a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority said people that read the article will take it differently.

“It’s not a great image for campus,” Jones said, calling the comments outrageous.

Jessica Chavez, Associated Students of CSU vice president, thought the comments about women were degrading.

“Based on the quotes, there is no integrity for women at CSU,” Chavez said. “There are other ways to say we have fun at our school other than have quotes degrading women.”

She added that the ranking itself could be both a positive and negative thing for CSU.

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