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Sep 262002

To the Editor:

The dramatics organized by the Westboro Baptist Church for the forthcoming CSU/Wyoming game are neither a “protest” nor “free expression,” but a deliberate attempt to encourage others to the same kind of tragic violence which ended Matthew Shepard’s life nearly four years ago.

The fact that a misguided administration can condone what is clearly a call to further acts of violent prejudice and is willing to give space to a group whose whole purpose is incitement to hate crimes is shocking, and reveals a strange and chilling blindness to the of this kind of rabble-rousing. No doubt the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nation are invited for later in the season….

Laura Mullen

Associate Professor

Dept. of English

To the Editor,

Protecting open space by voting Yes on Issue 200, the Open Space Yes! initiative is the right thing to do from a people, environmental, and economic standpoint.

Open space greatly enhances people’s quality of life by protecting scenic viewsheds, providing opportunities for relief from the stresses of urban life, and for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and fishing.

Open space provides valuable habitat for a vast range of wildlife, including a variety of birds, deer and fox. It also does not generate new demands for water in an area that is in a severe drought and already short of water.

Protecting open space is economically sound from a variety of standpoints. It enhances property values. A recent real estate newsletter listed parks, trails, and open spaces as the top 3 amenities homeowners look for. Open space is also a bargain for taxpayers. Land that is undeveloped does not generate the need for very expensive new roads, schools, and other public infrastructure that taxpayers must pay for.

For all these reasons, Open Space protection is the smart and the right thing to do. Please protect our quality of life by voting YES on Issue 200.

Glen Colton

Fort Collins

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