Sep 252002
Authors: Melissa Miller

The Community Volunteer Expo, held Wednesday in the Lory Student Center Plaza, offered a diverse range of volunteer opportunities to CSU students.

The Expo recruits students who want to give back to the community, according to the Office of Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs, who hosted the event.

Some of the participating agencies included American Red Cross, Turning Point, Habitat for Humanity and Odyssey of the Mind.

“Students want to get involved,” said Jann Fox, volunteer coordinator for Habitat for Humanity, which builds homes for low-income people. “They are dependable and provide a good volunteer base.”

Fox said her organization has attended the fair twice looking for students to help out at their construction sites and home supply store.

Turning Point, a center for youth and family development, has been coming to the fair for about five years, according to Gwen Bell, volunteer services coordinator.

“Fall is a good time to recruit because students are here for the entire year,” said Bell, who also comes to the fair to look at programs for which to sign up her own students.

Bell said that the students they recruit generally work about two to five hours per week. Last year, Turning Point recruited about 175 CSU volunteers. Around11,000 hours of volunteer work was done for the center last year, with about 75 percent of those hours from CSU students. Agencies look at college students because they make good volunteers, said Bell. They also have more flexible hours.

“I love helping people and getting nothing in return except a smile,” said Holly Kunisch, community service co-chair for Delta Sigma Pi and the Senior Honor Society Mortar Board.

Kunisch finds volunteer work for her two campus organizations to help out with.

“I’ve done all kinds of volunteer work, from dangerous to easy,” she said, “I encourage people to do it.”

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