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Sep 252002
Authors: Rebecca Lapole

CD Reviews

Brad: “Welcome to Discovery Park”

This band from Seattle mixes a funky ’70s style sound with strong beats and positive lyrics. The CD is a very interesting collaboration as a whole, with talented guitarists and emotion-filled vocalists. The band has a very strong connection, and they hold together through the diversity of this album. Each song has a very different sound while staying loyal to the rock genre.

Mest: “Destination Unknown”

Goldfinger frontman John Feldmann produced this third album for this Chicago-based punk band. They incorporate borrowed lyrics, rock, reggae and hip hop influences with high-speed drumming, repetitive chords and simple lyrics that today’s pop/punk is known for. Check them out on their tour, coming to Denver on October 3rd at the Ogden Theater!

Jerzee Monet: “love & war”

Jerzee’s beautiful, unique voice sings purely positive lyrics, perfect for today’s independent woman, or any man who can respect one. The CD has a good mix of slow and fast songs, all of which have a hip-hop sound. Eve, Ja Rule and DMX are featured on this album that has a good message, making Jerzee a candidate for the mainstream scene. She could definitely be the next Ashanti or Alicia Keys.

Joe Kissell: “Little Box”

Folk sounds reminiscent of Cat Stevens are abundant on this Fort Collins man’s album. This local vocalist is extremely talented on acoustic guitar and is a solid lyricist. His lyrics have political standpoints mixed in with positivity. Beautiful strings and female harmonies accentuate his guitar skills making the album a wonderful piece of local talent.

The Color Red: “Clear”

Strong guitar and percussion unite with great harmonizing vocalists on this hard alternative rock album. The complex guitar and percussion parts make each song individually stand out without becoming repetitive. The only band similar in style to compare to The Color Red is Hoobastank, so if you love them, check this CD out!

Sara Groves: “All Right Here”

This girl’s got a beautiful voice, similar to Sarah McLaughlin and her lyrics are pure poetry. She plays piano and sings her personal, moving lyrics with a soothing style over gentle beats. Each song has a short written dedication before it, showing her Christian focus. It’s a very unique, sweet, calming CD.

Marc Copely: “Limited Lifetime Guarantee”

Original, personal and powerful lyrics make this Worcester, Mass. man’s debut album a must-listen. His rock beats and talented electric guitar skills are mixed with a country-style influence. His mellow, soul-filled songs reminded me of Eric Clapton.


A twangy lead male vocal makes this CD hard to compare to anything else. Very interesting sound with storytelling lyrics and cool guitar skills add to the different, artistic, funky sound. This is the best new country/rock album to date.

Imani: “The Break of Dawn”

Rock beats and guitars open this CD, only to make way for amazing soulful female vocals. Some hip-hop beats are present with spoken word and Bible story lyrics flowing over them. These women are very gospel-inspired and sound a little like En Vogue.

Jackpot: “Shiny Things”

The familiar-sounding songs on this CD are filled with interesting sounds and weird echo-effects. The lyrics are not too meaningful as they mostly just tell stories. Sounds of wind and other mellow declarations make this CD very chill. This band from California could be compared to Semisonic.

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