Sep 252002
Authors: Melissa Pester

Alison Maynard, the Green Party candidate for attorney general of Colorado attended the kick-off event for the Society for Natural Resource Policy group on campus Wedesday night. SNRP is hosting a series of Fall Focus Forums throughout the semester at CSU.

“We thought this was a great way to spread the word about natural resource policy,” said the group’s president, Jennifer Brunsman. “Policy is an important component to natural resources.”

SNRP called the evening’s forum, “Water rights and the importance of water in sustaining Colorado’s people, wildlife and industries.”

In addition to Maynard, the forum had three guest speakers who addressed SNRP’s topic about water in northern Colorado to an almost full classroom in the Natural Resources building. David Lauer from Friends of the Poudre and David Freeman, a CSU professor of sociology, were given a chance to address the topic.

“We wanted to bring an unbiased-objective look to the issues,” said Josh Ziegle,r student member and officer at-large of SNRP.

Each speaker was given a chance to have a 20 minute presentation, before the audience was given a chance to ask questions.

“It is really important to have forums like this one,” Maynard said. “There certainly needs to be a core group of people rising through the ranks.”

Lauer also said, “It is encouraging thing that, if not the government, than society in general recognize the rights of the (Poudre) River.”

The topic, however, was chosen during the spring semester of 2002-before water became a big issue in the state of Colorado.

“Tonight’s topic is a timely one,” said the evening’s moderator and faculty advisor to SNRP, Tony Cheng. “I appreciate the hard work that each student has done.”

SNRP is one of the newest student organizations on the CSU campus. “We had the motivation to gather like-minded people to discuss policy-policy is everywhere and affects all of us,” Brunsman said.

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