Sep 252002
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

At the senate meeting for the Associated Students of CSU on Wednesday night, the senate heard from the director of the Lory Student Center and also passed a resolution involving water conservation on campus.

Mike Ellis, the director of the Lory Student Center, spoke to the senate about some proposed changes to the building. The food court, North Ballroom, and the Ram Bookstore are three areas that Ellis said are the focus of the renovation.

According to Ellis, 41,000 square feet of the student center would be affected by the renovation. The main part of the project would be improving the food court. Plans include making more seating available.

“All the barriers would be taken out, leaving it open,” Ellis said.

Ellis said there are also plans to bring another vender to offer more food options.

“Student government will be involved in deciding who will come in,” Ellis said.

Currently, Ellis is in the process of presenting the concept plans to the Board of Governors. The renovation will be done over the summer and finished by next fall.

The senate also adopted a resolution regarding water conservation on campus. The resolution focuses on supporting the current mandatory and voluntary city water restrictions and also informing students on water issues.

Britta Schroeder, a senator for the College of Natural Resources, said the resolution has led to the creation of a water conservation committee.

The committee will focus on “what has been done and what needs to be done” in order to address water conservation issues on campus, said Schroeder, a junior natural resources management student.

Neil Sanders, a senator for the College of Agricultural Sciences, said he felt the resolution was good.

“Given the current rain situation and drought, water conservation is an issue,” said Sanders, a senior in animal sciences. “(CSU students) do make up one-fifth of the population.”

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