Sep 242002
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

Last week, the Collegian reported on a Web site that allowed students to go online and rate their professors. That site wasn’t catered specifically to CSU and its students.

However, was created this summer for exactly that reason. Since going public last week, the site has had 124 evaluations on 1,117 professors. 95 percent of CSU professors are compiled and awaiting evaluations.

The site is student run, and is not affiliated with CSU or the Associated Students of CSU. The site is part of the Open Source Professor Rating Engine Project, OpenRatings, of which junior computer science major Kennan Blehm, is the developer.

“The intentions of is to provide the students of CSU with a resource to share and gather information about their professors-the good and the bad,” Blehm said. “When students can view what made a professor good or bad for other students, it can often help them make critical decisions about their future class schedules.”

Faculty and staff of CSU are denied access to post material to ramratings, Blehm said.

“The service is not for professors, and it is not meant to incorporate professor’s views of themselves,” he said.

Some students think can be a useful registering tool.

“I like this idea, the teachers are always evaluating us, now it’s our turn to evaluate them,” said sophomore technical journalism major Holly Truhlar.

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