Sep 242002
Authors: Zac Wiggy

The Associated Students of CSU Student Fee Review board heard presentations from Student Legal Services and the Office of the University Ombudsman Tuesday at its weekly meeting.

ASCSU heard presentations from these groups seeking to continue to receive funding.

Kevin Daley, director of Student Legal Services, presented for his organization. Student Legal Services provides free or low-cost legal services to CSU students, including education about legal rights and responsibilities, legal advice, traffic accidents and moving violations, and housing problems.

During the 2001-2002 school year, 1,266 people used Student Legal Services.

“These people are coming to us sick,” Daley said, referring to students who came in for advice with dealing with carbon monoxide in their homes.

Also presenting was William E. King, CSU Ombudsman. The Office of the University Ombudsman is two-thirds funded by student fees.

The Office of the University Ombudsman provides many services for students, faculty and staff. From July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002, 209 students made use of the office’s services, which are aimed toward ensuring that everyone at CSU receives fair treatment from the university.

The Office of the University Ombudsman is to be incorporated into a new office, Conflict Resolution And Student Conduct services.

The Ombudsman will retain all of its former roles, including the confidentiality of those it serves, but the new office is hoped to be able to “respond more comprehensively to the myriad of issues related to student behavior and campus civility,” according to information presented by Anne Hudgens, executive director of student life.

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