Letter to the Editor

Sep 232002

To the Editor:

You’re on the right track when it comes to urging students and spectators to ignore the picketers who plan to attend the Oct. 12 Wyoming game.

This same group appeared in a city near us about a year ago amidst much pre-event publicity that they generated themselves. Area print and broadcast media, along with local residents, chose to ignore them completely, thus effectively shutting off their spigot of hatred and prejudice.

Nothing is worse than not getting the spotlight. In the 21st century, those who get the most media coverage of their clamoring claim political victory. Shut ’em out, and you shut ’em down.

Go Rams!

Nancy Story

CSU graduate and current CSU parent

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Sep 232002

Organic Produce Stand Increases CSU Public Outreach

To te Editor:

I would like to thank the college and/or department at CSU responsible for administration of the Organic Produce Stand on Saturday mornings at the Plant Environmental Research Center. The organic stand offers delicious produce to CSU students and the public.

Recently purchasing CSU produce, I realized most other customers are not students. I took notice how the “stand workers” were entertaining questions and concerns from public customers. I thought to myself, “what a great way to interact with the public; offer healthy food at good prices, and answer questions accompanied by a smile.”

Thanks again to the “stand workers” and administrative entity. It’s your produce stand and other CSU programs like yours that make CSU the great “peoples college” that it is.

Ryan Staychock

Graduate Student

Natural Resource Policy

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