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Authors: Dustyn Connelley

The word “groupie” was popularized in the ’60s as a way of describing someone whose social life revolved around meeting and pursuing rock bands. These days, the word “groupie” can mean many things to many people, but it almost always means a person who pursues some kind of relationship – usually sexual – with a celebrity. And, although, there are male groupies, the majority of the time it is a female.

The difference between groupies and regular fans is when regular fans meet their favorite celebrity, they’re happy just to get an autograph or a picture, but groupies are more inclined to want to go home (or back to the hotel) with the celebrity.

Regular fans may fantasize about getting to know their favorite celebrities, but are ultimately more interested in the music and the connections they feel with a certain band. But groupies will do everything within their power to meet and actually engage in a relationship with their crush.

Sounds fairly harmless right? To those involved, sure. For the musicians who thrive on women throwing themselves at them and who wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t such an easy lay.

And then there are those band-members who, otherwise, would go completely unnoticed in the dating pool.

I mean, seriously, there are a lot of musicians who are considered “sex symbols” and if they didn’t have some sort of celebrity status, I’m positive most girls would think they were a waste of time and atmosphere.

Now don’t get me wrong here, there are many talented musicians who want nothing to do with having random encounters with females they know nothing about and will never see again in their lives. And there are many females who, when asked, wouldn’t give some guy on stage who has a record label, tattoos, a microphone or a tour bus the time of day, (believe me I’m one of them.)

But, herein lies the tragedy: it’s one thing to be a fan, follower or a connoisseur, but it is another thing to go so far as to lose your sense of reality, and as a female ultimately disregard what you stand for.

There are girls whose greatest dream in life is to hook-up with some guy who is supposedly a “rock star.” Some guy who in another context might not even meet some of her standards and even if he did, girls fail to realize that instead of signing up for true love, they’re just adding their name to a list.

Now, I’m not here to tell anyone how to live his or her lives, but I think this judgment transcends into our every day existence. I think as individuals, especially at the college level, some of the greatest lessons we should be learning are about morality and the choices we make in life.

And for those girls out there who feel their lives will be one step closer to completion when they have that one encounter with a “rock star,” I sure as hell hope you have something else in mind.

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