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Sep 222002

To the Editor,

Fort Collins voters have a unique opportunity this year to ensure that the open spaces and natural areas that they value so highly will continue to be protected and that the City will have the funds it needs to add to our modest supply of such areas. They can vote YES on Issue 200, the citizen’s initiative popularly known as Open Space Yes! The current sales tax will end during the year 2005.

We must not delay to CONTINUE our current open spaces sales tax; this is NOT a new tax. It just authorizes the continuation of the current .25 percent sales tax. The City’s open space program is less than ten years old. Land in and around the City is being gobbled up at an amazing rate; the land that is left is becoming more expensive every day.

If you want to keep Fort Collins the kind of place you want to live in, vote YES on Issue 200, vote YES for open space.

Ann Molison

Fort Collins Resident

To the Editor:

I would like to make a hilarious correction to the World Briefs from Thursday’s paper. I believe George W. Bush’s quote went more like “Fool me once, shame on, —-long pause—- shame on you; foolamuth, won’t be fooled again”.

I also wanted to say that you need to learn how to distinguish “to” from “too.” You are supposed to know the English language inside and out, but instead you still make one of the most common everyday mistakes of some many people less proficient than you are.

Paul Minchhoff


Fishery Biology

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