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Authors: Zac Wiggy

The University of Colorado students walked slowly towards the Lory Student Center’s side doors, one of them with a slight limp. Two lines of CSU students, singing the fight song, greeted them.

The first thing heard from the walkers was, “Can I sit down?”

The five CU students walked all the way from their campus in Boulder to the ASCSU office over the course of two days. They carried a “trophy” with them, a large pipe, covered with school logos and colors, half for CSU, half for CU.

The walk was the result of a bet between Associated Students of CSU President David Bower and CU’s Tri-Execs, who serve CU instead of a president.

“We decided to revive the tradition,” said Bower.

Bower and the Tri-Execs wagered that whichever team lost the CU-CSU football game would have representatives carry the traditional trophy, on foot, to the campus of the winning team.

“I used to think the drive to Fort Collins was long,” said Wendy Hofstetter, CU’s Chief of Staff, who was along for part of the walk.

The story behind the trophy, as related by Bower, is that at some point in the past the presidents of CU and CSU were at a bar, discussing how to improve relations between the schools. The two broke a handrail, and that rail eventually became a trophy. The trophy has been at CU since the bet was last made, five years ago.

Tied to the trophy with fishing line are a stuffed buffalo on the CU side and a stuffed moose on the CSU side.

“We’re going to replace the moose. I realize they don’t have a wildlife biology department at Boulder,” Bower said.

The CU students walked from noon to 7:30 p.m. on Friday, covering roughly 20 miles of the approximately 50-mile trek. They began walking again at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday. However, only three of the CU students walked the entire distance.

“The last mile was the worst. I honestly couldn’t walk,” said Hofstetter.

ASCSU held a reception with a three-foot sandwich, pizza and soda for the walkers when they arrived Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

It’s up to next year’s executives at the two schools if the bet will be made again. “I won’t be here next year. They can bet all they want,” said Latifah Al-Attas, a CU Tri-Exec.

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