Sep 222002
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

Many of you may have noticed the booth on the plaza with volunteers trying to increase voter turnout and, even, providing voter registration cards.

Walk up to those nice people and sign up.

All election years are important, but this year especially.

We live in an uncertain world where policy has more of an immediate impact on us.

The economy is down and in need of a tune up. What politician do you want as your mechanic? This is most important for us because we go to college to seek education so that we are better prepared for the work force. If the economy is down, so are jobs and your career aspirations.

If you still think day-to-day and neglect post-graduation thought, then the economy is still a huge issue for you. In Colorado, we face budget cuts and higher education is slated to get the ax. That means less financial aide and tuition hikes.

Also, we have close U.S. Senate and House races where Colorado could decide the power in the U.S. Congress.

Those are important for many reasons, including how our nation reacts to domestic economic issues and foreign policy – which is a full plate with Iraq, terrorism and a side dish of Isreal-Palestine.

Students, nowadays, are not known for great political activity or participation as past generations that faced wars and social change were.

This needs to change. In our world we face many of the same challenges as those other generations – replace the Cold War for the war on terrorism, Vietnam for Iraq and we have economic issues similar to what we saw in the 1980s.

We need to become involved because we will inherent this world. Our starting point: voting.

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