Sep 192002
Authors: Jon Ackerman

It’s like that date you’ve waited so long for. When it finally arrives, it comes and goes before you know it.

It seems like you spend more time gearing up for it than you actually spend enjoying it. And then before you know it, it’s over and you just hope there will be another.

Luckily for CSU, it gets a second date. A second bye date, that is.

There’s been so much talk this year of CSU’s brutal schedule, which seems to be an appropriate summation. Two bye dates is about the only thing that could make the schedule any nicer.

This weekend is the first of two off weekends for the Rams. The other comes after a Halloween match-up with Air Force. Each bye date seems as if Sonny Lubick picked it himself.

This first one comes after what is widely considered CSU’s toughest opening schedule ever. People realistically said the Rams could go 0-4, and after last year, many bandwagon fans thought they would.

The thought of CSU starting the year 4-0 was far-fetched, only believed possible by the players themselves. But the Rams have weathered the storm; still standing at 3-1, and not surprisingly, have plenty of fans now.

What a time for a break.

It’s as if the season is broken up into three shorter ones. The tough non-conference portion is over, and the Rams now embark on the remaining non-Mountain West part (Nevada and Fresno State) in gearing up for league play.

The second third of the schedule also includes the toughest conference games CSU will play: hosting Border War rival Wyoming, going to perennial league-power Utah, hosting defending league champ BYU, and then riding down to the Springs to face in-state, in-conference rival Air Force. Then another bye.

Sonny, can you honestly tell me you didn’t have a say in these dates?

With 10 games in the bag, it’s on to San Diego State (0-3) for the last road game, then New Mexico and UNLV for two final home games. Talk about perfect placement.

But honestly, can you tell me a team that deserves a bye more? The Rams started workouts the first week of August, traveled to the East Coast for a win at Virginia, came back to Colorado only to use up one of its home games for a showdown with CU in Denver, then jetted out to the West Coast for UCLA before finally seeing their own beds the night before a game last weekend.

So what will they do with the time off? Go to the Suite tonight and you’ll probably find out.

But it won’t last long. Weekends always fly by faster than they should, and with only a handful of off weekends all semester, you can bet the two days won’t be nearly enough.

It’s then back to the preparation for the second date. Some aren’t so lucky to get another, so CSU must take advantage.

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