Sep 192002

Note From the Editor: Cody D. Simonian, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and a CSU student, died in a tragic accident on Sept. 5, 2002. What follows is a note from the members of SAE to the CSU community.

To the Students and Faculty of Colorado State University,

Sept. 5, 2002. As the September sun shined through the glorious clouds in the distance juxtaposing the beautiful Poudre canyon, we found ourselves on top of the world. We were enjoying so much our individual existence, and each of our brothers’ company. Everything seemed so petty as we found ourselves in delirium, as the beauty of everything around us blessed us with its presence. But before we knew it, tragedy struck. We were dumbfounded, as time seemed to stop. The simple task of breathing had become a challenge, and life’s fragile nature had exposed itself in a nasty realization of lessons that we were supposed to learn, at the expense of our brother’s life. We sat in a hole of black hopelessness. With our backs to the wall, we were incompetent of moving forward with our lives. Asking questions like; how would Cody react to this tragedy? What would Cody want us to learn from this tragedy? Finally and most importantly, how would Cody want us to remember him?

We couldn’t see past our pain. The light and normality of everything outside of ourselves was hindered in a bleak cloud of despair. But as the news spread, we realized how many people cared. Everyone’s regards and condolences, sympathy and compassion, and support for our personal livelihoods in the midst of this tragedy was nothing less than amazing. With flowers, cards, songs, and beautiful words, it was your kindness that helped us begin to fill the hole in our hearts during this difficult time. We can never thank you enough for the support that you have provided for us. The word community has a splendid new meaning after what we have experienced these past few weeks. As we stood weak, crying in remorse for our terrible loss, we found a pedestal of strength in everyone’s support. For that, we will forever be in debt.

Once again today, we see the glorious sun and the tranquil light shining through the impressionable clouds below. We now, for the first time are seeing Cody smiling down on us, joyous that we overcame one of the toughest barriers many of us have ever faced. But the credit for our relentless endurance in overcoming the hopelessness of this tragedy lies in the support that the community provided for us.

From the bottom of our hearts,

Thank you so much,

The Gentleman of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

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