Wife, Singer and Ram

Sep 182002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Rachel Schwab-Flanigan is a junior broadcast journalism major with a lot on her plate. She is a fulltime student, plays tennis, models, and participates actively in her church. This 20-year-old from Denver is also married.

Rachel found true love at age 17. She met Jimmy Flanigan at age 15 in high school. They dated for a month and suddenly ended the relationship. (Jimmy now explains that he “liked her too much” but they were both scared of commitment.) Two years after they had not spoken, he took her by surprise and asked her to his senior Prom. After a magical night, the two became an official couple again and fell in love. They were together for two years before Jimmy received blessings from Rachel’s family and proposed. There was no doubt in her mind when she accepted his proposal. They now happily live together in Greeley.

While Jimmy is number one in singles tennis at UNC, Rachel spends a lot of time working with her record label. She sings in her self-titled group called Rachel & Tiffany. The two ladies have created music for one-and-a-half years. Rachel describes her songs as a Frank Sinatra sound with a rock beat and their own style. She was offered a contract but is holding back for now because college is her main priority.

When Rachel finds time in her schedule for leisure activities, she enjoys playing tennis with her husband in city parks. Rachel lives her life by her religious beliefs. The personal motto she lives by is: “Live the way you are supposed to live under God, show the world who God is through your actions. Use words if necessary.”

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