Sep 182002
Authors: Willow Welter

Watering will be allowed just once a week beginning Sept. 27, instead of no watering being allowed at all after Oct. 1.

Watering regulations became further restricted Tuesday when the Fort Collins City Council voted unanimously to reduce weekly lawn watering from two days to one day.

The council originally pondered a bill that would ban all watering after Oct. 1, but decided such a bill would be to detrimental to landscaping and sod companies.

“The water restrictions we enacted are just a preliminary move to put us in a position for next year,” said Eric Hamrick, a City Council member. “It’s more of an outreach; an educational kind of an item that we can get out in front of the public.”

The water restrictions result in part from the drought Colorado has experienced this year, but Hamrick insisted water conservation is not the primary concern of this particular ordinance.

“It makes a lot of sense to save some water,” Hamrick said. “But the main reason is for education and getting the message out. Next year we’re probably gonna face a lot more stringent drought restrictions and water requirements. I think we’re gonna have even more of a tough time meeting our water requirements for next year.”

Addresses in Fort Collins ending in 0 to 2 are permitted to water on Saturday, 3 to 6 may water on Sunday and 7 to 9 may water on Friday. No lawn watering is allowed Monday thru Thursday and never from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Other issues addressed at the City Council meeting included votes on the use of indoor furniture outdoors and on cars parked on front lawns.

On Sept. 3 the Council gave preliminary approval to a ban on the use of indoor furniture, such as upholstered couches and chairs, in certain outdoor locations. However, they voted Tuesday to allow the temporary use of all indoor furniture outdoors, as long as the furniture does not remain outdoors overnight. Indoor furniture is still permanently allowed on covered porches.

Also on Tuesday, the Council gave preliminary approval to a ban of parked cars in the yards of residences.

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