Slug steals show at Aggie

Sep 182002
Authors: Rebecca Lapole

Hip-hop rolled into Fort Collins once again as Atmosphere headlined The God Loves Ugly Tour Monday night at the Aggie. The tour started on September 8th and continues to plow through the United States and Vancouver, BC, until November 17th, when the final show is at home in Minnesota to finish their on the road experience.

The opening acts for Atmosphere were talent-filled and showed off each individual’s hip-hop skills. Listen, Phono Symphony, BK One, Brother Ali and Murs all performed and kept the momentum of the show rolling along.

Listen opened up the show with quick rhyming and banging beats. The five-member group from Fort Collins consists of: Derek Smith, Ken Daley, Mike Menert, Ben Schroer and Cory Eberhard. Monday night was the third time they opened for Atmosphere, and they have opened for G-Love and Special Sauce several times in the past.

Eberhard, one MC from Listen said they usually play instruments including the keyboard, drums and bass and that they are performing this Saturday night for FREE at the Starlight!

MC Brother Ali complimented the crowd, “Colorado has a great scene. The people here really know and love hip-hop. The crowd [Monday night] was awesome,” Ali mentioned.

Slug, the lead singer of Atmosphere, called this tour and his latest album “God Loves Ugly” because he says, “It made sense. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it. God must love ugly because they still let me rap.” He’s a 30-year-old Virgo born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. He says “I ‘kinda’ have a girlfriend,” Rita, whose likeness is tattooed on his right arm. He has his ears and nose pierced, but wears no jewelry, and has a total of three hot women tattooed on his upper arms, representative of “ex-girlfriends Shelley and Saumer.” His other tattoos are to remind him “not to ever try coke or hit women. I don’t ever want to be like my dad,” Slug revealed.

Slug likes to perform in Minneapolis the best because “the crowds are smaller and I can recognize most of the people. On the road, we perform for these huge crowds where I don’t know as many people.” His best on the road experiences “evolve around friends I have made, people I’ve met, and threesomes I’ve had. I only collaborate with people I like, who I’ve gotten to know are truly good people on the inside. I like to check their game and their motives.”

He said his weirdest experience was meeting Ron Jeremy, the porn star while on tour once. Slug’s hidden talent is being “an incredible driver. I’m the best,” he said.

Slug performed with Blueprint, from Soul Position, with beats provided by Mr. Dibbs, Atmosphere’s DJ. When asked about future goals, Slug says that he “never expected it [Atmosphere] to go this far. We’ll just continue making music.”

Although he usually does quite a bit of freestyle at the end of each performance, it was cut short due to a couple of extra songs thrown in, some crowd mayhem leading to about 50 people on stage for the last song and the freestyle, and Slug saying he was too drunk to go on much longer.

He also said, “you can’t really screw up freestyle. Nobody knows the words to this song. But the older I get, freestyling becomes easier and less fun because you already know all the words that rhyme, so just the phrases are improved. If I really want to push or inspire myself, I should try to paint.”

Don’t miss Pharcyde this Saturday night at the Aggie for more hip-hop action!

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