Sep 182002
Authors: Orri Jonsson

To the Editor

I am a new foreign student at CSU and have noticed how one sided the news coverage here in the United States, a country where free speech should be in effect if anywhere, often is.

To see what other news sources have to say on different events in the news I take a look web pages for different news sources that sometimes give the other side of the story.

Among these sites I would like to mention the websites of the BBC (, Institute for Public Accuracy ( and Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (

The last of these sites has an article dated the September 12th this year on the USA-Iraq situation from a perspective that has not been seen in the coverage of the U.S. media. It may not be accurate news but a great starting point to make people think about what it is that the leaders of this nation are planning. I believe that a university like CSU is a good place to start spreading public awareness. The students and faculty of CSU should also know the value of having more than one independent source to base your opinion on.

I am not saying that Saddam Hussein has good intentions but I seriously doubt that president Bush has shown us all the cards, regarding his motivation for an invasion into Iraq.

Orri Jonsson

International physics student

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