Sep 182002
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

The Wednesday night senate meeting for the Associated Students of CSU included discussion on a resolution to support the use of student fees to hire a legislative liaison.

A legislative liaison would represent the students of CSU at the session meetings of the Colorado State General Assembly. Currently, there is some opposition to the idea on the side of the administration, but the senators sponsoring the bill felt confident that the new resolution would be approved.

Jason Jordan, a freshman agricultural business and animal science major, says while he can see both sides of the issue, including the administration’s concern, it is a good resolution.

“I do think it is important for student voices to be heard,” said Jordan, a senator for the College of Agriculture. “I think it deems serious consideration.”

The senate has already allotted a certain amount of student funds to be used to contract a liaison. They are still looking at several different candidates. Once one is selected the contract will have to be approved by the senate, according to David Bower, the president of ASCSU.

Courtney Cage, a senator for the College of Natural Sciences, approves of the efforts to gain students professional representation.

“I think it’s an excellent idea,” said Cage, a sophomore biology student.

Justin Moninger, a senator for the College of Engineering and a writer of the resolution said he feels it’s important for students to have the representation.

“You do have a voice as an individual, but a stronger voice collectively,” Moninger said.

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