Sep 172002
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

The new school year is in full swing, and with the daily grind of lectures, note taking and homework may come student criticisms and appraisals of professors.

“Every year I compare and contrast my professors with those of my friends. I try to keep my ears open to whom is effective or not, but it is still tough. I just can’t stand a boring teacher,” said junior accounting major Ryan Reffel. “One really bad or really good teacher can make a difference to a student.”

A Web site created by University of Nebraska student Kasey Kerber will help put the grading in the hands of the students. allows students to evaluate their professor’s performance in class and whether the teacher should be recommended or not. The site rates professors from schools throughout the nation.

There is also a section labeled the A+ club, where professors can receive an A+ for their teaching efforts. The site lists colleges, general comments concerning a professor’s enthusiasm in class, lecture ability, whether they are boring or not, knowledge of their subject matter, etc.

Anyone can log on and read other people’s comments and evaluations, and rate their own professor as well. The site also contains fun FAQ’s, a “Just Ask Ross” section and contests to win prizes such as calling cards and condoms. Links to other college academic resources sites are also available.

“I’d go online and evaluate my professors,” said sophomore psychology major Nick Lettin. “I just hope they wouldn’t read what I wrote and punish me grade-wise for it.”

The site allows students who post comments and evaluations to list their name or choose to be anonymous. Kerber also insists on protection of the professor as well as stated on the site’s disclaimer.

“We did not create to paint a bullseye on all professors’ foreheads,” Kerber said. “This page was not designed to seek them out and get rid of them, but to make students aware of what they should expect when they step in such a professor’s classroom.”

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